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BRIAT forgery?

5 years 4 months ago - 5 years 4 months ago #138 by dseaman
BRIAT forgery? was created by dseaman
Almost sure it is. Briat yandt 2874a from kiloware, not like other examples found on the www [url] [/url] and

[url] ][/url]

Hope you see the image or can follow the link.
Any comments, anyone got another?
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5 years 4 months ago #139 by mlbister
Replied by mlbister on topic BRIAT forgery?
Hello Dave and welcome to the forum.

I am sure the item is a forgery; the margins are too wide. It was a very naive decision by the French post office to issue in 1993 the imperf TVP Marianne de Briat in booklet form. It was a godsend for forgers who with their sophisticated copiers could print off as many as they liked and not have to worry about perforation. I am not an expert but from what I see offered on Delcampe the forgeries of the 2,30 value are the most common; one vendor is selling off a huge stock of them, clearly philatelic. The TVP printing is less common, especially on cover. There is a postcard on Delcampe with an example of the TVP. Could be yours for 300 euro!

I collect, like you, a variety of topics which include studies of the Marianne de Muller, Marianne de Cheffer and Marianne de Gandon issues. Other 'favourites' of mine are the 1f50 Pétain and the 50c Jeanne d'Arc of 1929.

Unfortunately I don't know where you live but as a non-member you are welcome to attend regional meetings. I attend the London Group meetings (details elsewhere on the website) and although we are a small group the meetings are very cordial and we eat well at the pub where we meet.

Here are the topics for 2019:

Sat. 9 February 2019 Len Barnes: French Aviation between the wars
Sat. 11 May 2019 Michael Round: 150 years of French Congo
Sat. 3 August 2019 Mick Bister: Stamp designers of the 1960s
Sat. 5 October 2019 Barbara Priddy: West African airmails

If you were to join the Society you could take advantage of the 'France' packet and the Auction which would enable you to fill those spaces in your stockbook or album at very reasonable prices.

If you can manage to attend a meeting, we would be delighted to see you.

Mick Bister
Journal Manager

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5 years 4 months ago #140 by dseaman
Replied by dseaman on topic BRIAT forgery?
Thanks for your reply and kind words of welcome Mick. I have seen the examples on delcampe and the blog write ups i linked in my original post. I will add this to the collection and keep up the kiloware searching. I use a source in germany, its way better value and more diverse than I have found offered by UK based sellers.

I appreciate the invite to your meetings, I am in Fife Scotland! I look out over the Forth to Edinburgh from my abode, I used to get to london when I sat a desk, and occasionally had to visit other people who sat at desks in london; but in recent years I seldom visit!

I will continue to use your forum and post up unusual items and ask questions I draw a blank on elsewhere; I appreciate that you offer non-members posting rights.

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