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Zoom has become popular in the last few months as a means of conducting online meetings. It was proposed that the France & Colonies PS follows suit. Could interested members please advise Chris Hitchen by email.  Future information on Zoom meetings will only be sent to those who express an interest. Many will not be interested and we do not want to bother those members with unnecessary emails. Read more

Please Chris know whether you would simply wish to view displays or whether you would be able to give a display as well. Those without a webcam can of course still view the displays but will not be seen by others.

We do need offers for this year. It really does not take much to scan some covers or stamps, put them into PowerPoint and a add a little text. A whole session would comprise around 40 to 50 slides but smaller ones can be fitted in as appropriate. So any offer would be welcome.

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Canal du Midi vid1The first meeting was held on 12 January 2020 
The displays were:
- Canal du Midi  - Peter Maybury
- The 1f50 Pétain Type Bersier -  Mick Bister
- Boîtes mobiles - Steve Ellis

ZOOM 9February 2021Zoom meeting number two was held on 9 February
The displays were
· A Celebration of the Art of Printing and 50 years of Printing at Boulazac by Andrew Telfer Brunton
· Nice by Roger Niven
· French airmail stamps by Chris Hitchen


Guardeloupe EGZoom Meeting number three was held on the 9 March
- A splendid display on- Guadeloupe Postal History – Revisited by Ed Grabowski




French Congo KNZoom Meeting number four was held on 6 April
- 'The French Congo 1900 pictorial issue' by Ken Nilsestuen President France and Colonies Philatelic Society US




 50c Jeanne dArcZoom Meeting number five was held on the 4 May
- 'Commercial Service Mail Carriers – Marseille and the Italian coast by’ by Steve Ellis
- '50c Jeanne d'Arc booklets' by Mick Bister



French Newspaper stamps GHZoom Meeting number six
was held on the 1 June due to technichal difficulties the 'Life and Times of the 1f50 Pétain' by
Mick Bister, will be shown on the 29th June. Impromptu displays from Chris Hitchen on Overprinted Charity stamps' and Dr Gwynne Harries on French newspaper stamps.




Algeria PMZoom Meeting number seven was held on 28 June
- 'Early Algeria 1787 to 1852' by Peter Maybury






Zoom Meeting number eight was held on 14 September
Life and Times of the 1f50 Pétain by Mick Bister




TunisZoom Meeting number nine was held on 12 October
Tunis steam ship mail to 1900 by Peter Maybury
Les envois disques - Records, Rates and Rock ‘n’ Roll by Mick Bister




Zoom Meeting number ten was held on the 9 Novembercross channel mail
Steve Ellis gave us a wide ranging look at all sorts of mail which crossed the Channel and included many difficult and unusual items.



14 December Late fee service in Paris by Chris Hitchen
11 January The Era of the French Colonial Allegorical Group Type:The French Pacific Colonies. Ed Grabowski

The Northern Group held its Virtual meeting on 4 March 2021
It was hosted by Peter Maybury and attended by eight other members, Steve Ellis gave a display on ‘Railway Mail’ focusing on the
history of the P.L.M line. Peter Stockton presented ‘French Morocco Military Aviation’


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Lot 400

The Catalogue and selected images are available to view here

Will meet on 15 October -  Members’ displays