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Postcard rates in 1920s

10 years 4 weeks ago #90 by mstyler
Postcard rates in 1920s was created by mstyler
Daryl Kibble, a non-member from Australia, has sent us the following query:

"I was wondering if anyone knows the date that France changed its rate for sending postcards to the following: 10c within France; 30c abroad. It is after 1920 - I know that much for fact - and before WWII. So 192o-1939 is the date range it occurred. My instinct is late 1920s 91926/27) but I am hoping to learn the exact date. Thank you for your help."

According to Derek Richardson's ""Tables of French Postal Rates 1849 to 2011" this is the answer:

Within France "ordinary" postcards were franked at 10c only until 1917, but illustrated ones with up to 5 words (apart from the address) between 1.1.1917 and 1.5.1926 - apart from1.4.1920 to 14.7.1922 when it went up to 15c. It returned to 15c on 1.5.1926.

For abroad the UPU rate for postcards was 30c was applied 1.5.1921 until 1.4.1924 when it was raised to 45c.

I hope this helps.

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10 years 2 weeks ago #91 by mstyler
Replied by mstyler on topic Postcard rates in 1920s
The following message has now been received from Daryl Kibble:

"Thanks for that. The 30c statement makes good sense for timing, so I can accept that, and have seen used examples. The 10c statement also ties in and there were indeed 'word rules' that impacted the postage rate, and again I have seen used examples to tie it in.

"This means any French picture postcards imprinted on the address side with combination 10c/30c were produced in the period 1921 to 1924. Perfect! Most likely it would be the period 1922 to 1924 based on the short term increase to 15c."

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