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Slogan cancels

  • jgane
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4 years 9 months ago #176 by jgane
Slogan cancels was created by jgane
Can anyone tell me when the first (France or French Colony) slogan appeared that gave a post office instruction? Not a slogan advertising an event or a Tourism destination but one that specifies for example: Post Early for Christmas // Use Air Mail for speed.

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4 years 8 months ago #177 by mlbister
Replied by mlbister on topic Slogan cancels
Two excellent sources for information on such cancellations are 'Le guide de l'oblitération mécanique' by Yvon Nouazé and the 'Catalogue des oblitérations mécaniques de France' by Gérard Dreyfus.

Below are the first three PTT slogans which appeared in August 1916 at various offices in Paris using International cancelling machines.

'Collez le timbre / en haut & à droite / de l'enveloppe'

'Pour Paris / mettre le numéro / de l'arrondissement'

'Portez votre courrier / à la poste dès qu'il / est prêt: le départ / en sera mieux assuré at Paris'

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  • jgane
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4 years 8 months ago #178 by jgane
Replied by jgane on topic Slogan cancels
Thank you Mick, most helpful.

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