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Postal Marks of France

  • gmaloney
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7 years 6 months ago #122 by gmaloney
Postal Marks of France was created by gmaloney
Hi All,

Would anyone know the best "bible" for postmarks in France?

Thank You in anticipation.

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5 years 7 months ago #134 by prakelly
Replied by prakelly on topic Postal Marks of France
For anyone interested in the postmarks of France, it should be remembered that yhe French post office used standard cancellers for different categories of mail and, with some variations stuck to this. As far as the standard postmarks up to WWI are concerned the bible on the subject is Jean Paul Alexander's " Dictionnaire historique des timbres et griffes 'standard' de l'Administration Francaise des Postes. 1792-1914. Published by Brun et Fils in 1996.
All of the different brochures by Pothion, father and son, are also useful tools. They covered all the different categories of mail. These are now out of print but quite easily findable.
For regional studies there is a large selection depending on what one wants. Generally, the works of Chevalier, Mathieur, de Beafond and Rochette/Pothion and Lautier for later daates are a good starting point.

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5 years 6 months ago #135 by mlbister
Replied by mlbister on topic Postal Marks of France
If your interests include machine cancellations look no further than Yvon Nouazé's 'Le guide de l'oblitération mécanique' which studies them in chapters treating the different machines. If you want detailed info. on slogan postmarks try Gérard Dreyfus' 'Catalogue des obliterations mécaniques de France'

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