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Thank you for Uploading the old journals

3 years 7 months ago #200 by rniven
Just thought I would say how much I appreciate the uploading of the old journals (2000 - 2003) on the web-site. As a new collector of French stamps (of five years standing now) the opportunity to read both the detailed articles and the summaries of previous meetings (and who presented on what topic) has been a real privilege. There is an enormous amount of information in these journals - and even on areas that I do not collect such as the Colonies and some of the Postal History - the insight is helping me to deepen my interest in French stamps and postal services.

I think "standing on the shoulders of giants" is an apt phrase as I pursue my own rather idiosyncratic interest in the themes presented on French stamps (especially modern issues) and constantly find nuggets of information in the very detailed research and panoply of history that others have so generously made available in the journal over the years.

So thank you for whoever has so painstakingly uploaded each issue, it is a very valuable element in the web-site. .

best wishes to all

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  • jgane
3 years 7 months ago #201 by jgane
Replied by jgane on topic Thank you for Uploading the old journals
Thank you for your feed-back Roger, its much appreciated. Maurice Tyler sourced the older Journals, most of which he had digitally backed up, some were painstakingly scanned. I gave them all protection, reduced the file sizes - the originals were in the region of 70mgb - I then uploaded them to the website with links both on the Contents' page and the Back-copies page. I do intend to get another 3-4 years' worth uploaded, but it does take time.

We now have 8 Virtual Displays on the website, you might like to check them out if you haven't already. They can be accessed from the Welcome page of the main website.
Thank you again, I'm glad you have found them worthwhile.

Jan Gane,
Website Manager

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