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Smile of Reims coin date catalogue question

4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #179 by Tlayman

I have found a coin date block of 4 for sale for the Smile of Reims, SG480 / Yv256
The date is 15.1.30.

This year is not listed in Yvert 2018 or Maury/Spink 2018 or Maury/Dallay 2009.
The only year listed in these catalogues is 1931. (Yvert 2001 didn't break out the issue by year.)
However, since the date issued was 15 March 1930 (per SG/Michel), having a print date in early 1930 would seem a requirement.

This coin date is even shown on lot 179 in the Yvert sales/offers from 20 October 2017.
(and do a search for > 256 <.)

Is this a case where the catalogues have recorded the wrong year?

Here I thought that maybe I had found an unusual unlisted variety.
But it seems rather that it is the usual variety and has just been mis-catalogued.
Last edit: 4 years 8 months ago by Tlayman. Reason: to correct dates and give a more reasonable explanation.

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4 years 7 months ago #181 by mlbister
Replied by mlbister on topic Smile of Reims coin date catalogue question
Welcome to the FCPS and thank you for posting your enquiry.

The Sourire de Reims was indeed printed in 1930 and not in 1931. It's a long standing error that has not been corrected in certain catalogues.

The 'bible' for dated corner block collectors is 'L'impression des timbres français par les rotatives' by de Vinck published in 1946. Here he gives the sheet printings as 3-22 January 1930. The first date has since been brought forward in later catalogues; The specialist catalogue 'Marianne' by Storch, Françon and Brun published in 1984 quotes the sheet printing dates as 2 - 22 January 1930 and the booklet printing dates as 23 January to 4 February 1930. The Société des Collectionneurs de Coins Datés et de Millésimes has likewise only ever priced a 1930 printing.

Hope this helps


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