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Italian postcard in Greek. Your opinion wanted

  • dhtrapnell
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9 years 8 months ago #103 by dhtrapnell
The text on the reverse is in Greek. The front, addressed to Paris,is headed "Civilian internees of war post" (free – so no postage paid). This is confirmed by the pale 2-line handstamp "INTERNATI CIVILI DI GUERRA / FRANCHIGIA POSTALE / 98860". The manuscript heading is followed by "Scrittoir Greco". "Scrittoir" does not appear to be either an Italian or a French word. Because "scrittoio" is Italian for a writing desk, it might mean "Greek desk/secretariat" (presumably at the "Civilian internees concentration camp" near Cosenza that the sender gave as his address). The writer made a clear spelling error in writing ""Cocentramento" in place of "Concentramento". So his "scrittoir" might simply be another inaccuracy. Did he intend "scritto" (written) or "scrittura" (writing), thus "written in Greek"?
I suggest that that how (& where) he wrote "scrittoir" indicates it was not part of his address and that therefore the meaning was "message in Greek". If this is correct, why did he bother to put that? Was it to direct his message to the relevant censor quickly? Your opinion will be greatly appreciated..

Not relevant but perhaps of interest - The card bears the typical double-ring, black handstamp UFFICIO CENSURA POSTALE ESTERA / I and a violet "199 / I in circle", both of Roma. The indistinct circular violet handstamp above the black one is almost certainly the authorizing handstamp of the Civilian Internees Concentration Camp permitting free postage. There are also the usual two red handstamps of the German censors at Muenchen, Germany.

I ask you knowledgeable people because the Italy & Colonies SC has no forum! Thanks. DT.

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  • dhtrapnell
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9 years 8 months ago #104 by dhtrapnell
Replied by dhtrapnell on topic Italian postcard in Greek. Your opinion wanted
I am sorry to have been misled by the handwriting and so to have misled you.
I have just seen that the sender had written "Scritto in Greco" (= written in Greek) but slipped into his native Greek and put a Greek "n" for an Italian one.
He made a similar error by putting a Greek alpha at the end of the heading "Guerra" in place of an Italian "a".
Problem simply solved! I hope it is of interest none-the-less.

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