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Censorship mails between France and Italy 1942-44

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9 years 9 months ago #92 by dhtrapnell
Little seems to be known about how and why mails between France and Italy were treated as they were. So I am now attempting a difficult task - to work out how and where mail was censored (if it was) in France & Italy in WW2. The remarkable book by G. Matiello lists the censor handstamps and labels used in Italy, but it does not attempt to say if any system was used and, if so, how it worked. I have failed to find any published work on the subject but would greatly appreciate any guidance anyone can give me if such publications do exist.

I have now analysed all the relevant items described in the censurepostale website, items for sale on the internet and in my own collection. While these form a good basis for making some conclusions, the accuracy of these would be enhanced if more material is added to the study.

So this is my request for help from any of your members and, ideally, if they would be so kind as to contact any friends they know who might be able to help me. Ideal would be an email with scans of the front & back of any civil-mail items - whether censored or not - passing between these two countries in 1942, 1943 and 1944. Needless to say, all help will be fully acknowledged if any publication emerges as a result of this work.

Many thanks, David Trapnell,

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