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J291 Dec Page154YandTTimbres de France’, Tome 1, 2020 is reviewed by Richard Broadhurst in Journal #291. Published in September 2019 the new edition contains 1500 pages, an increase of 176 from the previous year. It lists stamps to June 2019 with an additional 91 gummed stamps, 147 autoadhésifs and 16 blocs (miniature sheets) including France’s first circular example (Y&T F5325) ‘Sport, couleur, passion’.

New sections added this year include La Lettre Suivie (see below), an overlooked area which is the only source of a number of unique imperforate self-adhesive stamps that collectors of Marianne seek out for a complete collection and a first time listing for Pochettes Souvenirs Emissions Communes. Richard's full review is very comprehensive. Published by Editions Yvert & Tellier, 2 rue de l’Etoile, 80094 Amiens, Cedex 3, France Price: 25E90 plus carriage. For a full review by Richard see our Journal #291

 J291 Dec Page155 Lettre Suivie labels2   J291 Dec Page155 Lettre Suivie labels1

Above are the Marianne de Ciappa Kawena and the Marianne l’engagée pre-stamped Lettre Suivie labels were available from post offces in packets of five.


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