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J291 Dec Page156Avis de receptionAvis de réception - France and Colonies’ a website exhibit by non-member Professor David Handelman from Ottawa informs us that he has been preparing, country by country, exhibits on the subject of post-GPU/UPU worldwide AR (avis de réception) also known as advice of delivery, double registered, return receipt, acknowledgment of receipt etc). This stunning collection was posted in August* of this year on an exhibit website hosted by American collector and publisher Richard Frajola who lives in Taos, New Mexico. It is indeed an extraordinary collection and will be of interest to all collectors of France and the French Colonies but especially to those who study postal rates. https://www.rfrajola.com/DH2019/DH17.pdf  It is highly recommended viewing.
In addition, David invites you to download his 122 page book on AR mail http://www.rfrajola.com/DH2019/1ar.pdf, which is a continuing project dealing with worldwide AR and gives an overview of the subject and covers a wide range of countries. David would love to hear from anyone who can offer corrections and additions for updated versions of his exhibits. He can be contacted by email
Shown above: 1904 distinctive Indochina AR form franked with 10c Type Dubois paying AR fee returned under cover via Singapore to Saigon.
*: Following on from successful purchases in the recent Spink sale of Ed Grabowski’s collections David has updated his exhibit which will be posted on the website later this month. For a full review by Mick Bister see our Journal #29


Be warned: clear your desk, feed the dog and put the children to bed well before starting to explore, for if you have the slightest interest in France and/or its colonies Michael Round guarantees you will still be there hours later, Click here for the Website.


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