The Journal of the France & Colonies Philatelic Society is published four times per year, in March, June, September and December.
It contains articles by members and non-members on all aspects of philately, postal history and related topics concerning France and her former Colonies.
A list below of the contents of the last 15 or more years' Journals will give an idea of what may be expected.
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Society Notes, Lists of Recently Published Articles (in French and other philatelic periodicals), Reports of Meetings, Illustrated Auction Lots, Books Reviewed and Noted, updated French Postal Rates, and the annual Index (in the last issue of the year) are all regular features.

Number 287 – September 2018
Obituary: Derek Richardson (M L Bister, M S Tyler, C J Hitchen)
Bureaux et Recettes Auxiliaires 1887-1902: Their background, function and operation, Part 2 (P R A Kelly)
Aspects of Anti-Communism in Vichy France: A Tale of Two Legions (D J Hogarth)
The Winged Victory of Samothrace (E Voerman)
Post-independence postmarks of Brazzaville, Part 1 (M Parren)
Shorter Items - including Questions and Answers
 •  Cameroun – Bui Poste Automobile Rurale Postmark and ‘Mitterand’ error (M StJ Wright & M P Bratzel)
 •  Free French 1944 Christmas Charity Postcard (J Lucaci)
 •  Dogba Revisited (E J Grabowski)
 •  Andorra insists! (M Round)
 •  The Joseph de la Nézière pictorials of French West Africa (M L Bister)
 •  42nd Annual Philatelic Weekend 9-11 March 2018 (MLB)


Number 286 – April 2018
The Joseph de la Nézière Pictorials of French West Africa (M L Bister)
Bureaux et Recettes Auxiliaires 1887-1902, their background, function and operation, Part 1 1887-1894 (P R A Kelly)
Wrapper from Great Britain to Nossi-Bé, Madagascar (J K Courtis)
Digital Image Resuscitation - an amateur’s method (D H Trapnell)
Digging for Dogba (S Binsted)

Shorter Items - including Questions and Answers

 •  Cabolé - Dahomey et Dépendances (W G Mitchell)
 •  An Experiment in Printing Colour (M S Tyler)
 •  Philatelic Confections in World War II (D J Hogarth)
 •  Free French 1944 Christmas Charity Postcard (R D Larg)


Number 285 – December 2017
Paris: the post offce for the Place du Châtelet and les Halles (C J Hitchen)
Chère Maman – A Sailor’s Story... – A Sailor’s Story – from France and the Mediterranean
                        to Gabon and Cameroun – the Vicissitudes and Impact of World War II (M P Bratzel)
South of Suez (O Dahl, revisited by M Round)
Shorter Items - including Questions and Answers

 •  1902 annotation curiosity (M L Bister)
 •  Mauritania: The 1F50 Brown-Red (M Round)
 •  Unissued ‘Peace’ design (M L Bister)
 •  Cabolé - Dahomey et Dépendances (S Binsted, M S Tyler)
 •  Renovated post office in Burgundy (M L Bister)
 •  Request for WWII German Handstamps (D H Trapnell)
 •  Calling all Colonies collectors [Madagascar] (J Parmenter)


Number 284 – June 2017

The 25c Visiting Card Rate from 1 April 1920 to 15 July 1925 (M L Bister)

Avis de Réception 1876-1914 (P R A Kelly)

The 30 centimes orange Cameo Sower—a not inconsequential stamp (S J Luft)

Urgent Payments (Virements accélérés or chèques postaux accélérés) (E Voerman)


Number 283 – March 2017

Paris Instructional Marks from 1837 to 1950, Part 2 (C J Hitchen)
Red Cross overprints of the French Indian Settlements: 1915-16 (J C West)
French Postal Routes via Paris 1838-1848 (M Rego)
Shorter Items - including Questions and Answers

  • Cameroun Continued – A Mute Cancel Identifed as a Railroad Postmark – and Elsewhere (M P Bratzel)
  • Registered ‘Autres Objets’ (E Voerman, M L Bister)
  • Debt Collection Service (R Bentley, E Voerman)
  • Museum of Philatelic History launched (press release by Royal Philatelic Society London)


Number 282 – December 2016

“In Tahiti I Brush My Teeth” (M Round)
Mystery Solved – Non-Postal Cameroun Datestamp Identifed (M Collet & M P Bratzel)
Edmund Dulac – Commemorative Miniature Sheet (M J Hopkinson, M L Bister)
Nossi-Bé overprints (M P Singer, C W Spong, C S Holder)
Two 18th Century Letters to and from the City of Algiers (J P Maybury)
Spanish Flu in Djibouti (M Round)


Number 281 – September 2016

The Coat-of-Arms Issues of France:1943-1966 (Mick Bister)

La Retirada - Spanish Refugees in France 1939-1942, Part Two (David Hogarth)

Business Papers, Samples and Additional Notes in France, 1876-1900
(with prior and post background information 1856-1910) (Peter Kelly)

A letter of 30 May 1815 (Héloïse Mitchell)


Number 280 – June 2016

La Retirada – Spanish Refugees in France 1939-1943, Part 1 (David Hogarth)

Military Mail from and to the Island of Réunion 1870-1899 (Peter Kelly)

A letter dated 15 June 1820 (Héloïse Mitchell & Paul Watkins)

Cameroun National Union Stamp Varieties – Double Overprint and No Overprint (Marty Bratzel)

An Early ‘Registered’ Letter (Peter Maybury)

Mail from French West African Colonies collected by German Mail Boats (John Mayne) 


Number 279 - March 2016

Monkey Business: Benin’s ‘Zin Kaka’ Quasi-Definitives of December 2003 (Part 2) (Nicholas Pertwee)

Valeurs-à-Recouvrer (Debt Collection Service) Part 2 (Edwin Voerman)

Foreign rates for the Debt Collection service (Chris Hitchen)

A Family Visits the Universal Exhibition of Paris in August 1900 (Peter Kelly)

An unusual articles d’argent letter of 1779 (Peter Maybury)

Early mail from French West Africa by German service (John Mayne)

Shorter Items - including Questions and Answers

  • Monkeys Rampant (Michael Round)
  • A letter from Guadeloupe dated February 1818 (HéloïseMitchell & Paul Watkins)
  • New N’Gaoundéré Cameroun Datestamp (Marty Bratzel)


Number 278 - December 2015

Open Philately (Héloïse Mitchell)
Valeurs-à-Recouvrer (Debt Collection Service) (Part 1) (Edwin Voerman)
Shorter Items:
  • Current French  Polynesia Cancellations (John Ray)
  • 18th century entire Lyon-Paris  (Peter Maybury)
  • Réunion facsimiles (Stephen Holder)
  • Cheap postage, or what? (Stephen Holder)
  • A letter dated 9 May 1793 (Héloïse Mitchell & Paul Watkins)
  • French Guinea to France - but how? (John Mayne, Steve Ellis)
  • Cameroun - A Mute Cancel Identified as a Railroad Postmark (Stephen Holder, David Williams)
  • Colonies, 1871? (Stephen Holder)
  • An Anomalous N'gila Cameroun Postmark (Marty Bratzel)
  • Les Travailleurs (Stephen Holder)


Number 277 - September 2015

Monkey Business: Bénin's 'Zin Kaka' Quasi-Definitives of December 2003 (Pt 1)  (Nicholas Pertwee)
André Le Nôtre and the Jardins de France Series (David Hogarth)
Cameroun – A Mute Cancel Identified as a Railroad Postmark  (Marty Bratzel)
Shorter Items:
  • Mail from Ekododo, Gabon (John Mayne, Mick Bister)
  • Further information on the 1938 airmail rate to Tanganyika  (Barbara Priddy)
  • Recommandé d'Office (Peter Maybury}
  • Disturbing Mail (Roy Reader)
  • Oval V.P.M. Handstamp (Peter Maybury)
  • Special Mailing – Cameroun to France November 1944 (Marty Bratzel)
  • Stamps on lottery tickets (Richard Broadhurst)
  • Réunion facsimiles (John Mayne, Mick Bister)
  • Cheap postage, or what? (Michael Round)
  • Les Travailleurs (Steve Ellis)
  • Colonies, 1871? ('Napoleon')


Number 276 - June 2015

Post Office Postal Stationery Wrappersof the French Colonies  (John Courtis)
The Bogus Artwork of Louis-Oscar Roty and Luc-Olivier Merson (Ashley Lawrence)
Les Travailleurs who helped win World War I  (David Trapnell)
Rare Letters to the Marianas Islands and the Hoaxing of François Lanfrey (Peter Kelly)
Shorter Items:
  • Spreading the net widely in French West Africa (Peter Kelly)
  • 18th century entire from Lyon to Paris  (Nigel Borlase-Hendry, Maurice Tyler)
  • Further information on Baarle-Hertog/Baerle-Duc (Hans Smith, 'Napoleon')
  • Airmail to Tanganyika (Mick Bister)
  • The Great Stamp Robbery (Richard Broadhurst)
  • Unknown Essays (Peter Maybury)
  • Price-Hike in Algeria (Michael Round)



Number 275 - March 2015

Tchad:Postal Services in the Period of Military Pacification 1900-1920 (John Yeomans)
The French Connection (John West)
Monaco's Post Office Postal Stationery Wrappers (John Courtis)
Shorter Items:
  • Comoro Islands Stamps (Derek Atkins, John Mayne)
  • French and Flemish twin place names  (Alan Wood)
  • Une liaison dangereuse (Mick Bister)
  • PO Wrappers in the French Colonies (John Courtis)



Number 274 - December 2014

The Carton de Wiarts and Belgian Postal Services in France in the First World War (Bill Mitchell)
A Review of the State of the No 3154 Cancellation as Used in Ecuador (Stan Luft)
Gabon: The Development of the Postal Services 1862-1889 (John Yeomans)
Newspaper Wrappers of France: Supply and Demand (John Courtis)
French Forces and the air mails of Tunisia, 1919-1956 (David Trapnell)
Shorter Items:
  • Philatecam 1971 in Cameroun (Marty Bratzel)
  • Lack of RF Overprint of 1944 on Dated Corner Block  (John Simmons)
  • Identification and Catalogue References sought for Comoro Islands stamps (John Mayne)



Number 273 - September 2014

The History of the Red Cross Stamp Issue in the Former French Colonies and French Post Offices Abroad during the First World War (André Métayer)
Detoured Alsace-Lorraine Mail - 1870 and Beyond (Stan Luft)
United States Mail to France in World War II, Part II (Lawrence Sherman)
Everywhere but Greece: The Travels of Two World War II Cameroun Airmails to Greece, Returned Due to the Suspension of Services (Adrian Ritoridis)
Shorter Items:
  • West African Airmail to Marseille Transiting at Niamey (Barbara Priddy)
  • Lack of RF Overprint of 1944 on Dated Corner Block  (Richard Broadhurst, Mick Bister)
  • Cameroun Postmark Identification - Help Please (Marty Bratzel)
  • Cameroun Mail (John Mayne)
  • Togo - the 1921 issues, perhaps the last word? (John Mayne)
  • Importance of Surnames (George Truell)
  • World War II Map of Occupied France (David Trapnell)


Number 272 - June 2014


United States Mail to France in World War II, Part I (Lawrence Sherman)
The Postal Treatment of Journals and Periodicals in France: The Type Sage Issue of France 1876-1900 (Peter Kelly)
Private Labels of the Upper Ubangi 1898-1899 (Luc Vander Marcken)
Douala to Marseille - A Multifaceted 1936 Air Mail Cover (Marty Bratzel)
The Postal History of PA Arromanches 1945-1974 (David Trapnell)
Shorter Items:
  • France Packet Accounts for 2012 (Maurice Tyler)
  • Vignettes for French Cameroon and Togo 1914-1916  (Harris Rosenberg)
  • The Second World War in Alsace-Moselle (Maurice Tyler)
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer + BM in oval - A New Discovery? (Peter Kelly)
  • Griffe (Chris Hitchen)
  • Correspondence at Petit Popo in Togo (John Mayne)
  • Lack of RF Overprint of 1944 on dated corner block (Anthony Greaves)
  • World War I and the role of Togo (John Mayne)
  • 40c Cérès brown? (Ken Dixon)


Number 271 - March 2014

90 Years of Red Cross Booklets. Part 5 (John West)
A Design from Paris, 1870 (Ashley Lawrence)
The Second World War in Alsace-Moselle (Stan Luft)
Shorter Items:
  • When did these wars start? (Ashley Lawrence, James Camak, Harris Rosenberg, Roy Reader, David Trapnell)
  • Post Offices in Egypt (Mick Bister)
  • Forwarding Mail - No Profit is Too Small (John Simmons)
  • Professor A Victor Segno: Comments, and Griffe Mark (John Mayne)
  • Vignettes for French Cameroon and Togo 1914-1916 (John Mayne)
  • Lt. Colonel Loyd-Lindsay VC (Alan Wood)
  • Madagascar 1921 1c Overprint on 15c (Robert Mustachic)


 Number 270 - December 2013

French Telegrams (Alan Wood)
The Boulanger Affair (Peter Kelly)
Professor A Victor Segno: A Note of Explanation (Ed Grabowski)
Le Type Pasteur - the 75 centimes blue (Yvert 177, SG 400) (Bill Mitchell)
"Cluedo" - A Whodunit? from the Siege of Paris (Ashley Lawrence)
90 Years of Red Cross Booklets. Part 4 (John West)
Shorter Items:
  • When did these wars start? (Alan Wood)
  • New Hebrides card (John Mayne)
  • A Ban-Breaking Cover from France to the UK in 1943 (Roy Reader)
  • Post Offices in Egypt (John Cruttenden)
  • Cameroun Français 27.8.40 - the "+10c" Trial on the 90c Elephants Stamp (Dudley Cobb)
  • Bathyscaphe Archimède 1963 (Jouko Moisala)
  • An Alternative Service UK to France (John Simmons, Maurice Tyler)


Number 269 - September 2013

Autumn Stampex 2013: Keynote Display by the Society (description of displays by 22 members)
The 1 Franc Cécogramme Rate (Mick Bister)
Shorter Items:
  • New Hebrides card in code (Stan Luft, Maurice Tyler)
  • Joint UK-France Stamps 1940 (Mick Bister)
  • Missent Mail (Mick Bister)
  • Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) (Stan Fairchild, Tom Waterman, Philip Mackey)
  • The Gold Coast-type Cancels of Togo (John Mayne)
  • 1934 Airmail cover from the Gambia with boxed Après le Départ strike (John Mayne)
  • Unusual Sowers (Ashley Lawrence)
  • French Occupation of Cilicia: Censor marks and stamp usage with earliest dates seen (Bob Bradford)
  • WWII Mail from France to Indo-China (Mick Bister)
  • Albert Stiefel (David Hogarth)






Number 268 - June 2013

Franco-Prussian War (1870-71): The Siege of Paris - Intererrupted Mail (Philip Mackey)
The Gold Coast-type Cancels of Togo, 1916 - to 1950? (Bill Mitchell)
90 Years of Red Cross Booklets. Part 3 (John West)
A Rather Special (Semeuse) Postcard (Ashley Lawrence)
Shorter Items:
  • French Congo Unknown cds ...DOMBO (Michael Ensor, Paul Watkins, Ed Grabowski, Bill Mitchell)
  • Ballon Monté - genuine? (The Mrs Simpson Letter) (Mike Brindle, Ashley Lawrence)
  • Joint UK-France Stamps 1940 (Roy Reader)
  • Postal Relationships between Belgian Congo and French Congo (John Mayne)


Number 267 - March 2013

French Internment Camps: Drancy (Seine) (Derek Richardson)
Legion of French Volunteers (A Cautionary Tale) (Godfrey Bowden)
90 Years of Red Cross Booklets. Part 2 (John West)
Italian Forces in France in World War I, with particular reference to T.A.I.F. (David Trapnell)
Shorter Items:
  • Syria Overprints (John Mayne, Stan Fairchild)
  • Airmail Interzone Cards: corrigendum (Roy Reader)
  • Ballon Monté - genuine? (Don Sherwin)
  • French Congo Unknown cds ...DOMBO (Paul Watkins)
  • Joint UK-France Stamps 1940 (Norman Greenbaum, Maurice Tyler)
  • Interzone Cards to and from Indo-China (Ron Bentley, Roy Reader)


Number 266 - December 2012

Motorised Transport of Mails across the Sahara, Part 2 (Peter Kelly)
90 Years of Red Cross Booklets, Part 1 (John West)
Alsace-Lorraine: Selected Postal Legacies from the German Occupation of 1871-1918 (Stan Luft)
Postal Relationships between Belgian Congo and French Congo, Part 3 (Philippe Lindekens)
Ivory Coast - Journée Nationale des Cheminots 20-21 Mai 1945 (Bob Maddocks)
Shorter Items:
  • Airmail Interzone Cards (Roy Reader)
  • Syria under French Governance (Derek Atkins)
  • Inaugural Seaplane Flight 1925 (Len Barnes)
  • French Naval Forces in Borneo and the Far East: the French Light Cruiser Primauguet (Marty Bratzel)
  • Togo: 'Après le départ' strike on Germman Mail (John Mayne)
  • TRANSIT MATADI mark on cover from Belgian Congo (Philippe Lindekens)


Number 265 - September 2012

Motorised Transport of Mails across the Sahara, Part 1 (Peter Kelly)
Airmails from French India (Jeffrey Brown)
Postal Relationships between Belgian Congo and French Congo, Part 2 (Philippe Lindekens)  
Cameroun 27.8.40 - the Displaced Overprint from Mbanga (1) (Michel Collet)
Cameroun 27.8.40 - the Displaced Overprint from Mbanga (2) (Dudley Cobb)
Shorter Items:
  • French Naval Forces in the Borneo Area (Jeremy Dickson)
  • French Post Office in Tunisia - correction and addition (Peter Maybury)
  • ROC Codes (John Simmons)
  • British Stamp used in France (John Patch)
  • German Date Stamp on French Semeuse Issue (Alan Wood)
  • The 1871-1876 Cérès Issue, Imperforate (Bill Mitchell)
  • Request for Exchange of Stamps (Daniel Hubert)
  • Inaugural Seaplane Flight 1925 (Alan Wood)
  • Red Cross Overprints on 10c Sower (Alan Wood)
  • Interzone Cards and Postage Due (Barbara Priddy)
  • Philatelic Cover with Many Postmarked Stamps but No Address (Howard Fisher)
  • Togo Postcard with British and French Stamps (John Mayne)
  • Green Leaves [new Ecology tariff] (John Simmons)


Number 264 - June 2012

Postal Relationships between Belgian Congo and French Congo, Part 1 (Philippe Lindekens)
Early Transsaharan Mails (Peter Kelly)
The French Post Office in Tunisia (Peter Maybury)
Shorter Items:

  • Philatex 2012 (photos by Godfrey Bowden)
  • Rixheim in the 19th Cen